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Grue JARM productions aims for the development and distribution of world-class cultural art contents, through various international exchanges and by establishing direct networks with domestic and international organizations with the aim of doing our best for the globalization of the Korean Cultural Arts​. Starting with the Magic Korea Federation of Cultural and Artistic Contents Production Department in 2010, we have created and planned a variety of events, including organizing the Federation ofInternational Society of Magic Asian Championships. 

Since then, we have separated into a single production company and have planned and produced cultural art contents and performances based on interdisciplinary arts and fantasy arts while traveling around the world providing consultancy services and as agents for performers, broadcasting, festivals, etc.​ 

Since June 2013, world-class magicians and planners from Korea have been producing not only 'SNAP', a contemporary stage performance but also other various performances which has enabled us to gain a foothold in the world market

Vision & C.I


The cultural art contents

that are enjoyable, exciting

and artistically inspiring  

A Contemporary Stage  Performance and forming pragmatic international networks

Social contribution through

the business of  developing

the cultural arts


Arabian Nights,

symbolizes Aladdin's magic lamp

Satisfying the needs of the masses by developing cultural art contents through a blend of fantasy with high reality

Purple, the mixture of red and blue

and the color that symbolizes mystery

To impress audiences world-wide through special and original performances based

on Interdisciplinary arts and fantasy art





01  Busan International Online Multidisciplinary Arts Conference <BridGe>

05  Eulsuk Island Cultural Cente

05  Performed Busan Cultural Center

06  Ran the class, Dream Attic Saturday Cultural School

      <Making a Show Learning by Magic with Family> 

08  Performed at Namhansansung Arts Hall

09  Performed at Sori Arts Center of Jeollabuk-do, Jeonju International Sori Festival

10  Performed at Bucheon Boksagol Arts Hall

10  Performed at Ulsan Culture and Arts Center

11  Performed at Samcheok Culture&Art Center

11  Performed at Gyeongsangbuk-do Office of Education Cultural Center

12  Performed at Shinhan Card Hall in Sohyang Theater, Busan

12  Performed at Chekhov International Theatre Festival, Russia

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