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ECO Back

Duration 60min        Number of Cast 4        Viewing age 5+

Capacity 100~500 seats        Number of Tour Cast 7~8        Details Audience participation

​다른 공연

이미지 제공: Olga Thelavart


Under the slogan "Let's Go Back to Clean Nature!",
it's an environmental performance that combines concerts and exhibitions, that are performed by Echo, Green, Ramy and Boxman. It delivers a variety of excitement, including fairy tale magic, mime that touches each member of audience, shadows and musical plays, along with the participation of all members of the audience.

Daily objects such as props made by household waste, delivery boxes, broomsticks, cell phones, and recycling bins are newly created on the stage with magical production. Eco Back is about education on nature protection and environmental pollution, but it also has a high entertainment value for children to enjoy.

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이미지 제공: Kiwihug

Various activities that we can actually practice, such as recycling,
and value conscious consumption, are captured in the performance
in an interactive way. It is also a program that combines exhibition experiences in collaboration with performers, planners, writers, environmental researchers, children and youth experts, and installation artists.



· Uijeongbu Art Camp

· Busan Cultural Center     

   (seasonal performance)

이미지 제공: Ivan Gromov
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Performance to find out
the cause of hidden environmental pollution

Yonhap News Agency

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