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Duration 70min        Number of Cast 10        Viewing age 5+ (Recommended 7+)

Capacity 400~1200 seats        Number of Tour Cast 13~14        Details Non-Verbal Performance


This is a story about the unintended journey of three mischievous 'Tricksters', Kobe, Ben and Roy. While they are having a good time with people, a door covered with chain appears in front of them.

In a small incident, the door is unsealed, and one of the tricksters, Kobe disappears into the door as if he is being kidnapped.


After a while, Roy and Ben also jump into the door chasing a red

handkerchief and soon lose each other. The three tricksters travel

the world of the gate at times alone and together. During their

travels, they meet various characters and unintentionally help

them to get free.


Will they be able to safely return from the world beyond the door?

Or have they already returned to the real world?


It's a magic-based performance with stories that people all over the world can enjoy and become inspired by. Under the surrealistic worldview, fairy tale stories are solved through music and physical acts without "lines", and various techniques such as theater, media art, and shadow play are combined with magic to deliver the excitement of going to see an ingenious play.


· Gangneung Dano Munhwagwan

· Gunwi Art & Center

· Haeundae Cultural Center

· Gimpo Art Hall

· Busan Cinema Center

· Busan Citizen's Hall

   BPAM Opening Ceromony


· Chungcheongbuk-do Education

   and Culture Center

· Inje-gun Haneulnaeulin Center


First performance of a
'Korean Magic Production'
on Broadway in New York


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