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Duration 80min (No intermission)        Number of Cast 6        Viewing age 5+

Capacity 300~1200 seats        Number of Tour Cast 11~12        Details - Audience participation



Do you remember the moment when you received a meaningful gift?


Every gift contains the heart of the person who packed it.

With the excitement of imagining the happy face of the person

who will receive the gift. we present to you all. Through the show,

we are saying "Living the present with loved ones is the best present

for you." It is a performance that makes the audience the main character

by the storytelling of magic and acts, that are prepared by magicians.


It is an overall performance that the whole family can enjoy together, and it unravels creative magic, circus, and shadow play with dramas in the form of omnibus under the theme of 'Gift'.
It's a comprehensive gift set performance for 'today's family' with differen tastes.


· Haman Culture & Art Center

· Seongju Culture & Arts Center

· SIGNIEL Grand Ballroom (Hwaseung Group)


A heartwarming fairy tale
full of imagination about 'gift' through the original language of'magic'

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